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Delia Abbott
Sophie Pollono
Sophie Pollono as Delia Abbott
The Young and the Restless
Portrayed by: Isabelle, Olivia & Riley Jones (2009-2010)
Alix Madeline Dubois (2010-2011)
Sophie Pollono (2011-2013)
Duration: 2009-2013
First appearance: February 16, 2009
Last appearance: November 15, 2013
Cause/reason: Appeared in Adam Newman's dream
Created by: Maria Arena Bell
Hogan Sheffer
Scott Hamner
Family: Abbott family
Fenmore family
Foster family
Alias(es): Cordelia Ashby (name when believed to be Ethan "Cane" Ashby's child)
Gender: Female
Cause of death: Hit by a car driven by Adam Newman
Occupation: Student
Residence: Genoa City, Wisconsin
Parents: William "Billy" Abbott
Chloe Mitchell
Kevin Fisher
Victoria Newman
Siblings: John "Johnny" Abbott IV
(paternal half-brother)
Eve Howard II
(step-sister, deceased)
Reed Hellstrom
Grandparents John Abbott Sr.
(paternal grandfather, deceased)
Jillian "Jill" Fenmore
(paternal grandmother)
Unknown man
(maternal grandfather, deceased)
Esther Valentine
(maternal grandmother)
Aunts and uncles John "Jack" Abbott Jr.
(paternal uncle)
Traci Abbott
(paternal aunt)
Phillip Chancellor III
(paternal uncle)
First cousins Keemo Volien Abbott
(paternal cousin)
John Abbott III
(paternal cousin, deceased)
Kyle Abbott
(paternal cousin)
Colleen Carlton
(paternal cousin, deceased)
Phillip "Chance" Chancellor IV
(paternal cousin)

Cordelia "Delia" Abbott was a fictional character on the CBS daytime soap opera The Young and the Restless.

Actress History:Edit

  • Isabelle, Olivia & Riley Jones (02/2009-06/2010; recurring)
  • Alix & Madeline Dubois (06/2010-02/2011; recurring)
  • Sophie Pollono (03/2011-10/2013; recurring)

Other Information:Edit

  • Born (on-screen) February 16, 2009 [later changed to February 16, 2005]
  • Died October 14, 2013
  • Cordelia Katherine Valentine Abbott (full name)

Character History:Edit

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