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Grant Harrison
Mark Pinter
Mark Pinter as Grant Harrison
Another World
Portrayed by: Dack Rambo (1990-1991)
Mark Pinter (1991-1999)
Duration: 1990-1999
First appearance: March 13, 1990
Last appearance: June 25, 1999
Cause/reason: Series finale
Created by: Donna Swajeski
Gender: Male
Occupation: Unknown
Residence: Tanquir
Parents: Spencer Harrison
Justine Kirkland
(mother, deceased)
Siblings: Ryan Harrison
(maternal half-brother, deceased)
Marital status: Single
Past marriage(s): Victoria "Vicky" Hudson
(divorced, deceased) [1993-1994]
Amanda Cory
(divorced) [1994-1995]
Cynthia "Cindy" Brooke
(divorced) [1997-1998]
Children Kirkland Harrison
(son, with Vicky)
Grandparents Patrick Harrison
(paternal grandfather, deceased)
Unknown woman
(paternal grandmother, deceased)
Aunts and uncles Frank Harrison
(paternal uncle)
Anna Callahan
(maternal aunt)
First cousins Kelsey Harrison
(paternal cousin)
Fiona Callahan
(materanl cousin)
Romances Ann Burlingame
Sharlene Frame
Paulina Cory
Victoria "Vicky" Hudson
(affair/one night stand, deceased)
Lorna Devon
Victoria "Vicky" Hudson
(dated/engaged, deceased)

Grant Harrison is a fictional character on the NBC daytime soap opera Another World.

Actor History:Edit

  • Dack Rambo (03/1990-09/1991)
  • Mark Pinter (09/1991-03/1999 & 06/1999)

Other Information:Edit

  • Born January 10, 1951
  • Presumed deceased March 30, 1999 to June 25, 1999
  • Grant Spencer Harrison (full name)

Character History:Edit

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