Kevin Buchanan
Dan Gauthier
Dan Gauthier as Kevin Buchanan
One Life to Live
All My Children
Portrayed by: Morgan K. Melis (1976-1982)
Chris Cunningham (1982)
Jonathan Brandis (1982)
Ryan Janis (1983-1990)
Matthew Vipond (1990)
Joey Thrower (1990-1992)
Kirk Geiger (1992-1994)
Jack Armstrong (1994-1995)
Ken Kenitzer (1995)
Kevin Stapleton (1996-1998)
Timothy Gibbs (1998-2001)
Dan Gauthier (2003-2006, 2007, 2009 & 2010)
Duration: 1976-1995, 1996-2001, 2003-2006, 2007, 2009 & 2010 (OLTL)
2004-2005 (AMC)
First appearance: September 12, 1976 (OLTL)
September 2004 (AMC)
Last appearance: November 24, 2010 (OLTL)
February 2005 (AMC)
Cause/reason: Left town
Created by: Gordon Russell
Family: Buchanan family
Lord family
Randolph family
Riley family
Full name: Kevin Lord Riley Buchanan Sr.
Other names: Kevin Riley (name at birth)
Gender: Male
Born: September 12, 1970
(originally September 12, 1976)
Occupation: Head of the London offices of Buchanan Enterprises
Residence: London, England
Parents: Joseph "Joe" Riley
(biological father, deceased)
Victoria "Viki" Lord
Clinton "Clint" Buchanan
(adoptive father)
Siblings: Cordero "Cord" Roberts
(adoptive paternal half-brother)
Megan Gordon
(maternal half-sister, deceased)
Megan Riley
(biological paternal half-sister, deceased)
Joseph "Joey" Buchanan
Jessica Buchanan
(maternal half-sister/adoptive sister)
Natalie Buchanan
(maternal half-sister/adoptive sister)
Rex Balsom
(adoptive paternal half-brother)
Marital status: Single
Past marriage(s): Lee Ann Demerest
(divorced) [1992-1993]
Cassandra "Cassie" Callison
(annulled) [1998-1999]
Kelly Cramer
(divorced) [2002-2004]
Children: Demerest "Duke" Buchanan
(son, with Lee Ann, deceased)
Kevin Buchanan Jr.
(son, with Kelly, deceased)
Grandchildren: Zane Buchanan
(grandson, via Duke)
Grandparents: Victor Lord Sr.
(maternal grandfather, deceased)
Eugenia Randolph
(maternal grandmother, deceased)
Asa Buchanan
(adoptive paternal grandfather, deceased)
Olympia Buchanan
(adoptive paternal grandmother, deceased)
Aunts & uncles: Eileen Riley
(biological paternal aunt, deceased)
Thomas "Tom" Dennison
(biological paternal uncle)
Anthony "Tony" Lord
(maternal uncle, deceased)
Meredith Lord
(maternal aunt, deceased)
Tina Lord
(maternal aunt)
Thomas "Todd" Manning
(maternal uncle)
Victor Lord Jr.
(maternal uncle)
Beauford "Bo" Buchanan
(adoptive paternal uncle)
Benjamin "Ben" Davidson
(adoptive paternal uncle, deceased)
Nieces & nephews: Clinton "C.J." Roberts
(adoptive nephew)
Sarah Roberts
(adoptive niece)
Megan Rappaport
(niece, deceased)
Bree Brennan
Chloe Brennan
(niece, deceased)
Ryder Ford
Liam McBain
Shane Balsom
(adopted nephew)
Cousins: Julie Siegel
(biological paternal cousin)
Timothy "Tim" Siegel
(biological paternal cousin, deceased)
Mari Lynn Dennison
(biological paternal cousin)
Brian Kendall
(maternal cousin, deceased)
Daniel "Dan" Wolek
(maternal cousin)
Unnamed Wolek
(maternal cousin, deceased)
Clinton "C.J." Roberts
(maternal cousin)
Sarah Roberts
(maternal cousin)
Starr Manning
(maternal cousin)
Danielle "Dani" Manning
(maternal cousin)
John "Jack" Manning
(maternal cousin)
Samuel "Sam" Manning
(maternal cousin)
Victor Lord III
(maternal cousin, deceased)
David Vickers-Buchanan
(adoptive paternal cousin)
Drew Buchanan I
(adoptive paternal cousin, deceased)
Matthew Buchanan
(adoptive paternal cousin)
Other relatives: Hope Manning-Thornhart
(maternal first cousin once removed, deceased)
Unnamed child
(adoptive paternal first cousin once removed)
Drew Buchanan II
(adoptive paternal first cousin once removed)
Romances: Stephanie Hobart
Lee Ann Demerest
Rachel Gannon
Andrea "Andy" Harrison
Téa Delgado
Cassandra "Cassie" Callison (affair/lovers)
Barbara Graham
(affair/one night stand)
Grace Davidson
(dated/engaged, deceased)
Kelly Cramer
(affair/one night stand)
Blair Cramer
(one night stand)
Kelly Cramer
Kelly Cramer

Kevin Buchanan Sr. is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap operas One Life to Live and All My Children.

Actor History:

  • Morgan K. Melis (OLTL: 1976-1982; recurring)
  • Chris Cunningham (OLTL: 1982; recurring)
  • Jonathan Brandis (OLTL: 1982; recurring)
  • Ryan Janis (OLTL: 1983-1990; recurring)
  • Matthew Vipond (OLTL: 1990; recurring)
  • Joey Thrower (OLTL: 1990-1992)
  • Kirk Geiger (OLTL: 1992-1994)
  • Jack Armstrong (OLTL: 1994-1995)
  • Ken Kenitzer (OLTL: 1995)
  • Kevin Stapleton (OLTL: 1996-1998)
  • Timothy Gibbs (OLTL: 1998-2001)
  • Dan Gauthier (OLTL: 06/2003-11/2006; contract & 08/2007, 10/2009-11/2009, 03/2010, 05/2010 & 11/2010; recurring & AMC: 09/2004-02/2005; recurring)

Character History: